Blizzard Account Keeps Getting Hacked

Your browser's cookies are disabled. I have changed my password and email and even my username.

Blizzard Announces Automated Account Recovery Form For Hacked Accounts Engadget

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Blizzard account keeps getting hacked. This basically means that someone got access to my blizzard account and was able to change my email to his own without me confirming the change. The authenticator is an excellent tool that keeps unwanted hackers out of your account through a nearly infallible method. I dont know how they got into everything, when i was getting all the update emails from nc some of them said they were being changed from ip adress.

@blizzardcs hey i recently got hacked and my acc was stolen and i was able to login again but it says i’m banned permanently but i wasn’t playing. So i got this email today: We've sent you an email with a link to reset your password, which will unlock your account.

And you get a hwid ban if you rage hack 24/7 with f2p accounts.maybe you get hwid banned even with a paided acc but i think that very very rare mostly perma ban. Domlouis (@domlouis6) reported 11 hours ago So keep this in mind, and as the tip at the loading screen for wow says, you never ever ever give your account username and/or password to anyone.

Somebody got his account information, somehow, and then used the account in such a way as to get it banned. The blizzard gms have ways of getting hold of your username and password if they need them, so in game, if there's not a blizzard icon next to the name, keep your password to yourself. Blizzard's service has been hacked, according to the diablo iii developer.

This can mean a long amount of time has gone by since the last time you've logged in, or maybe you've logged in from an unfamiliar location. Juadrolo1990z and warzoneplayer12 like this. I have added them to text me with a.

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Please reenable cookies to continue. If someone hacked in and changed the password i think i should have gotten en email about it? Is someone trying to hack my account while i am using it?

Bllizzard reports its online matchmaking and game data service was hacked this past weekend, adding that certain account info has been compromised. We temporarily lock accounts when there's a change in access. Blizzard customer support is unable to assist with recovering an activision account.

Suggest gmail as you can link it with google with your phone and have it secure against anyone else. In a security update at blizzard's website, the company. Currently in chat waiting for someone to answer.

Garrett (@garrett_vsb) reported 10 hours ago @blizzardcs i literally tried everything on there and it's still not working. If someone changed the email address on your account, or if you can't remember what it was, we can send you a text to recover your account. Unlike the last guild member who got hacked, this time the guild vault did not get looted.

4) create new account on 5) download blizzard app and then cod mw (open task manager/startup and make sure battlenet is disabled) 6) restart your pc 7) after you restarted your pc, you can now inject your hack, if you want to 😎 use our hwid spoofer and wait for the “spoofer complete” message balance cannot be used to pay for some blizzard products my paypal payment failed. If someone did that then you should scan your system, add an authenticator and secure your email address.

I can say from this personal experience because i’ve gone through it twice already. I looked up the address and they were from all over the us so probably some kind of ip masking program. My blizzard account got hacked and i cant contact blizzard customer support without the account.

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Blizzards gaming server has been hacked. From my perspective d3 has broken down into runaway inflation, and a mix of nothing but botters and hackers. Instead, it seems that they just used the account as a gold selling mule for a while… his characters were probably spamming gold seller urls in chat for a while… until.

Or buy the full game so you never get a shadow ban again. My account is locked. However, this device also has the potential to cause a lot of inconvenience for the account holder, oftentimes more trouble than it would cause for a hacker.

My blizzard account has just been hacked and they changed the user email address so now i can't even log into blizzard to get help all it keeps asking for is my email i use for the account and says it not recognized (that's because i'm hacked😡😡) done the live chat no one has got back to me and opened a ticket and still waiting for a callback that i was suppose to wait 15mins for 2. It sure sounds like it and i’m worried that they might have access to your email too! The 75 (real) people still left playing diablo3 aren't going to suddenly band together and raise a stink.

Someone changed the email on my activision account. But to hack my game account and my email. I don't know how this keeps happening.

My activision account was hacked! Account hacked can't log in parental controls code or key problem change account details. Let me state up front that this is not a reason to throw your authenticator away.

If you believe your activision account has been compromised, please contact activision support.

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