Cereal Box Folding Hack

How to fold it so it stays closed. This easy folding hack is the end of soggy or stale cereal left in the box.

Cereal Box Hack How To Fold A Cereal Box So It Stays Closed

This cereal box hack went viral demonstrating how to close a cereal box by folding the sides of the cardboard into a tidy shape.

Cereal box folding hack. Becky holden mcghee, from blackpool in the uk, shared a video of her ingenious method on facebook recently with the caption: Next, fold the two shorter sides of the box into a. Becky told us she couldn’t believe she did not know this, and “the next morning, i thought i’d give it a go with the numerous cereal boxes we have and couldn’t believe how simple it.

This cereal box hack is going viral and it’s actually really easy to do | your morning. It turns out, the folding “literally takes seconds, looks really neat, and will stop cereal going all soggy,” she said. This cereal box hack is a game.

If playback doesn't begin shortly, try. Want to try this hack for yourself? Hoda then helped walk jenna through the hack as she attempted to tightly close a box of fiber one cereal.

Next, pinch the smaller sides together, forming a v shape, and fold them inwards — and then push them shut. Becky is happy to spread the ‘life hack’ that she’s discovered. “it’s only taken me over 40 years, but i know now the correct way to close a cereal box.

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Then, take one long flap and tuck that into the box. Take both small side flaps and tuck them into the box. Give the sides a squeeze and a pinch, which will make the box stay closed.

Posted on april 23, 2020 by. Lastly, just tuck in the remaining flap. In this video i will show a better way to close a cereal box!many, many thanks for likes and subscription!

By folding the sides inward, the box stays neat and the cereal stays. Becky holden mcghee, a wedding planner in blackpool, england, went viral after demonstrating how to fold. Start by pushing the liner bag down into the box a little bit, then tuck two short side flaps and one of the long side flaps into the cereal box.

A video posted on tiktok showing a simple folding technique to reseal a cereal box has racked up nearly one million views as people wonder why they haven't been told before news uk news us news. By chris johnson april 23, 2020 8:14 am. The facebook caption was captioned:

After posting the cereal box folding hack, her facebook page blew up reaching millions of people who have had the same problems with the top of their boxes. Jenna said folding the “v” into the sides of the box was harder than it looks, but she managed to recreate the trick fairly well, which hoda joked was “not terrible.” Homed offers inspiration and insight on all things home and property.

Start your morning right with this cereal box hack. This tiktok hack has shown how families can seal cereal boxes properly to keep food fresh. To see it in action, check out the video i’ve included for you at the end of the post!

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Becky holden mcghee shared an ingenious cereal box folding hack. The video went viral on facebook after becky mcghee posted the tutorial. Support our coverage by making a.

“it’s only taken me 40 years, but i now know the correct. Folding the box in on each side to create two cardboard v shapes.

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