Next, you fold one side of the longer flap into the cereal box as well. Seal the bag without the use of.

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So, to see this hack that says we’ve been closing cereal boxes wrong this whole time is very satisfying.

Cereal box sealing hack. Becky told us she couldn’t believe she did not know this, and “the next morning, i thought i’d give it a go with the numerous cereal boxes we have and couldn’t believe how simple it. Firstly, you fold in the two small flaps at the side into the cereal box. They have those little tabs for you to close them back up with after pouring yourself a bowl, but they often get destroyed when you open it or after just a couple uses.that, or they’re so loose that they defeat the purpose anyway.

It should be sitting like the sides of a. By folding the sides inward, the box stays neat and the cereal stays. Becky holden mcghee shared an ingenious cereal box folding hack.

Fold the two small flaps on the sides of your cereal box inside the box. Tik tok cereal box hacks. A tiktok user has shared a genius hack on how to close cereal boxes, and keep.

Not only is this cereal box hack effective, but it also looks sleek and organized on your pantry shelves. Lastly, take the other long flap into the box and you’ll see results. Watch the video tutorial below:

This will make the use of rubber bands and any other kind of clip obsolete. Cereal boxes are notoriously flimsy. A post shared by @clean_queen_mum.

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It might take a few tries, but you’ll get the hang of it! A woman has gone viral after she revealed how we should be closing cereal boxes to keep our breakfast. Take one of the long flaps and tuck it into the box as well.

Last month, tiktok user katybee2020 took to the social media platform to post the correct way to close a cereal box — after folding in the two smaller flaps, she creases the sides, and stuffs the larger flaps in, and thus, a seal is essentially created. Both are available on amazon, pretty affordable, and. Check out the original video, as well as others that demonstrate the cereal box hack.

Fold one of the long sides at the top of the cereal box inside as well. A tiktok user from uk has left netizens impressed when she shared the simple procedure on her account. Now this hack is a little more useful for me as.

Then, take the shorter sides and fold them into a “v” and push them in too. Want to try this hack for yourself? Take both small side flaps and tuck them into the box.

What she did was make one of the top sides of the box into an envelope. Tiktok users have shared how to make cereal stay fresher and crisper for longer a simple hack involves folding the top of the box over to seal the food inside people said the discovery was 'life. Posted by becky holden mcghee on sunday, 10 may 2020.

To try it out for yourself, grab a box of. A user by the name katybee2020 on tik tok shared this unique idea of sealing the box. No need for any bulky clips here, and no need to transfer your cereal to a different container either!

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Facebook user, becky holden, stunned people on the internet after sharing this incredible hack on closing cereal boxes. “it literally took seconds, looks really neat and will stop cereal going all soggy. Subsequently, fold the side of the small flaps in, where the middle is pointed into the box.

You've been closing cereal boxes wrong! How to fold your cereal box and seal it. A tiktok user shared the hack to reseal an open cereal.

The hack went viral a while back, and while it originally was used for sealing potato chips, it works just as well for a bag of cereal. The answer to the is no one, and becky shared that same feeling until she discovered the perfect way to close her cereal boxes. Next, fold the two shorter sides of the box into a.

Pinch the two sides of your box with your thumb and pointer fingers, so the sides fold in and box is closed. This genius of a woman has shared a video on tiktok of how we. Then, take one long flap and tuck that into the box.

After this, she folded that other side and inserted the other side into the folded side. This tiktok hack has shown how families can seal cereal boxes properly to keep food fresh. Tiktok hack reveals how to seal the carton properly to keep food fresh.

Tiktok user's unbelievable hack to seal an open cereal box will make your day.

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