Take a look at these funny life hacks and decide whether to give it a try or not. A subreddit for advice about a genuinely scary college roommate.

Making Your Life Harder In The Name Of Making It Easier

A place to post historical, fictional or otherwise satirical life hacks to make life easier for the rest of the world.

Funny life hacks reddit. Line a heat resilient bowl (not plastic) with a piece of aluminum foil. Welcome to r/funny, reddit's largest humour depository. Funny fun life hacks stupid life hacks fun lol lmao meme memes dank jokes humor life hacks reddit unethical life hacks dumb life hacks funny life hacks stupid life hacks lulz next gallery funny memes and pics to give you a boost (30 images)

This top life hack will help you cut food like a professional chef. Here at bright side we collected 14 computer hacks that will be massively helpful to anyone using their computer for fun or business. These unpractical yet hilarious life tips and hacks are sure to put a smile on your face while completely failing to help you.

From eyelashes made of cockroach legs to a guy using a real skeleton as a guitar, scroll below to see some weird diy projects that might compel you to say “diwhy?” The top voted comment in the reddit thread “unethical and possibly illegal life hacks”, this one suggests that stealing (which, just so you know, is a serious crime) the things you need most. I made a post on r/advise that has more details if you're interested/want to give advice, any advice is appreciated.

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For instance, here we have shared some great life hacks that people used to simplify everyday tasks. Place a colander on top. The original internet funny site.

Some life hacks may seem stupid at first but they are actually useful. The post went on the be one of the most shared articles in the history of the website. Continue this thread level 2.

Life hacks are generally meant to make your interaction with the world around you a little smoother. Use some unscented floss to cut soft foods cleanly. Strain excess fat from cooked ground beef.

Especially when a solution to a common problem. I've been having roommate troubles to say the least and need somewhere that'd help me understand my options. When you work a lot on your pc and your web browser is your number one tool, opening new tabs is an action that you do countless times during the day.

Ctrl + t opens a new tab. Unfortunately (or fortunately, for us) not everyone has bright ideas to share. 18 hilarious pieces of life advice that are also real as fuck never put your hands into a hole that you can't see into. by kevin smith.

40 clever life hacks to simplify your world. If your shower head is clogged up with limescale and just not flowing nicely anymore, why not just poke some holes in a soda bottle and use that instead. At first i was surprised, but soon realized that we all want to simplify and improve our lives;

How to prevent messy cupcakes. If it looks stupid but works, it isn’t stupid. Back in january the sifter posted 50 life hacks to simplify your world.

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Dump your cooked ground beef from the pan into the colander. The subreddit r/diwhy showcases many examples of diy projects that don’t make any sense at all. Top posts september 30th 2016 top posts of september, 2016 top posts 2016.

38.5m members in the funny community. Comment deleted by user · 5y. A sedentary lifestyle is what smoking and drinking were to 60s.

Had a tiny hole in my black. Welcome to r/funny, reddit's largest humour depository. From stupid ideas with terrible results to something a twitter user made in the hopes of watching the world burn, here are some of the worst life 'pro tips' the internet has to offer.

When the fat cools or solidifies, simply fold up the foil, remove from bowl, and throw it away. Maybe some of these will be of use to you, too! In the end, it entirely depends on your choice.

But regardless of their efficiency, these hilarious hacks will absolutely tickle your funny bones.

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