By cutting your onions under a fan, you help disperse the tear gas from the onion in the air and it gets sucked up by the fan, keeping it away from your eyes. For a slivered onion, cut onion into horizontal, crosswise slices.

How To Thinly Slice An Onion Kitchn

Place the onion cut side down on your cutting board.

How to perfectly cut an onion. Prepare a good knife and cutting board. Cut the onion directly in half. Cut a peeled onion in half, lay it flat side down, then make two or three horizontal deep cuts (depending on the thickness of the onion).

Then sit it up vertically on one of the flat ends that you cut. The science behind this trick is simple: Carefully cut the onion in half by slicing straight down through the center.

Continue dicing until you reach the end of your slice cuts. Slice the onion the other direction. Note the way my thumb and forefinger form a sort of arch over the top of the knife.

Firmly hold the onion with one finger guiding the edge of your knife over the stem. Put the cut onion halves away from you: Lay it flat with the root side facing away from the knife.

Place your fingers on top of the onion and the knife towards the root. Cut off the root of the onion, but leave the top end intact. Proceed to slice the onion into strips trying to maintain the shape of the halves.

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Cut in half and peel step 1 for most ways to cut an onion how to cut an onion Remove the outer skin of the onions that have dried and become loose. Then remove the peel from.

Lay the onion down on the side you just cut so the striated lines are horizontal to you. Slice the onion vertically starting at the side of the onion you have already cut off. Chop the onion in half so you can place it flat on your chopping board.

Start by cutting both ends off the onion. This viral hack is the easiest way to get perfectly round cookies every time) in the video, we can see a man taking an onion and slicing it in half. Stand the onion on one of the flat ends.

Hold your knife on its side and make a cut almost all the way through, stopping right before you hit the root. Cut along the guides and you’ll slice off perfectly sized rings for sandwiches or for frying onion rings. A perfectly cut onion that hasn’t been soaked in your tears.

As you cut, the onion should fall apart into perfect dices. Wash under cold water, if desired. You will be left with about 1/4 inch of onion.

A sharp knife aids in sharper, more accurate cuts, causing less damage to the cell wall. You can also choose the size of your dices here. Only peel the other when you’re done cutting one half.

Start with the shorter cut side. Slice the onion in half, right down the middle. By taking the onion apart and reducing the amount of segments you’re working with, you can cut just a few layers as easily as cutting any other flat ingredient.

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Try to make thin slices, because that way you’ll get smaller pieces of onion. After cutting the onion into 2, place the halves on the cutting board, facing down. Then once you’ve cut the onion horizontally, reposition your knife vertically and start slicing the onion in a vertical motion.

Peel the paper o of the onion. Cut down through the root. If you want to dice the onion, cut the.

That lets me keep the onion nice and steady without getting my fingers in the way of the blade. Flip the onion so the cut side is on the counter. All of your hard work will pay off here.

This is by far the most effective trick i’ve found to cut onions without crying. Cut with a sharp knife: Turn the onions so now the slices are horizontal to you.

Slice as close to the root as you can, but don’t slice it through. Plank cut the onion as if you are creating wooden planks. How to cut an onion the right way!

He then takes off the outer cover. Carefully cut the protruding root and leave the core of the root intact. Place the onion on the cutting board sideways and hold the onion properly to make sure it doesn’t move while you’re cutting through it.

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