To clean it, the woman simply removed the dirty filter and soaked it in soapy water. Fill the spray bottle with the vinegar, and thoroughly spray down your entire microwave.

8 Effective Tips On How To Clean Microwave

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The filter and the plastic.

Microwave cleaning hack. For this cleaning hack, you will only need white vinegar and a spray bottle. Use essential oils to clean and sanitize the inside of the microwave. Allow the paste to sit on the floor and turntable for at least 5 minutes;

About press copyright contact us creators advertise developers terms privacy policy & safety how youtube works test new features. Of course, you can always use a degreaser to clean your microwave inside out. Mix some dishwashing soap in a bowl with warm water.

I try to clean it as often as i can, because it really needs cleaned constantly with six people in our family. An easy method for cleaning the interior of your microwave is to take a cup of water and mix in a couple of tablespoons of white vinegar, lemon juice, or dish soap. It’s really exciting, even if it’s taking 6 months, but we’re redoing everything from the flooring to the ceiling.

This ‘clean microwave hack’ uses the natural cleaning power of lemon juice and warm water to clean and deodorize your microwave naturally and without the need for vigorous. This method also works well because we will again be relying on the power of steam to do the hard work. Don’t forget to wipe down the handle and buttons, since they gather lots of.

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How to clean a microwave | microwave cleaning step by step | microwave cleaning. Use the abrasive side of a sponge to spread the soap in the microwave and get the gunk and grime loose and wash the turntable to clean it as well. If you’re looking to clean a microwave without vinegar or lemon, then this cleaning hack might be perfect for you.

Cleaning your microwave with lemon water is probably the simplest, yet best hack to get rid of grease, dirt and bad smell. Then wipe the inside surfaces down with a paper towel to prevent streaking. Then close it and let it sit for anywhere from fifteen to twenty minutes.

I love finding easy ways to clean our kitchen. Wipe off the floor and turntable using a sponge or microfiber cloth. You will want to make a paste using two parts baking soda to one part warm water.

Set that in the microwave, allow it to heat for two or three minutes, not. Getty images) in a reddit forum dedicated to microwave cleaning hacks, user evaluatrix said: Clean microwave with essential oils.

She then scrubbed the top of the microwave as well as the plastic filter cover. Microwave cleaning hack materials *by the way, just so you guys know, we are currently going through a kitchen renovation right now! You can clean your microwave with a lemon and water.

This microwave cleaning hack is excellent in cleaning the floor and turntable of your microwave.

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