By sean murray published sep 16, 2017. These hacks are uniformly unethical.

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I specifically remember a life hacks article that opened with the following:

Unethical life hacks money. In a forum thread titled, “ unethical life hacks ,” reddit users advocate many clearly criminal ways to save money. This is the case for too many of us and we all have that little devil on our shoulder telling us to do the opposite of what we know to be right. 15 genius, unethical and mostly illegal hacks to cheat at life with.

Get more drinks on a plane for free. Tell your doctor you work in the food industry when getting a note for sick leave. Share share tweet email comment.

Cover the candy with slushie. Life hacks make your existence easier, and if you have no conscience, these will work wonders for you. If playing games, watching videos, and browsing the net seems like too much hard work for you, this next free money hack might be a little more appealing to you.

Pay for the slushie, and walk out. We're not exactly fond of the word lifehack — mostly because it's attached to inane things like toilet paper tubes make great iphone speakers or organize your computer cords with bread ties. yawn. But some suggested actions are probably acceptable, borderline ethical or at least come with justifications.

They’re designed to make life easier, a fancy term to better disseminate knowledge that. I bought it, one of my cats dive bombed onto it from the top of a bookcase and cracked the screen, so i bought the insurance plan, waited four days, put in the claim, and i had a brand new phone replacing my. Give fake money to homeless people.

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10 completely unethical life hacks that will change the way you live. Here are 25 of the cagiest (and funniest) unethical […] Unethical life hacks that save you money (r/askreddit) watch later.

They have always honored this for me. When life gives you lemons, sometimes you just have to employ some creativity and hack it. Unethical life hacks or smart frugality?

People share their unethical life hacks for saving money (and they are shameless) users responded to requests for sneaky tips on q&a site hacks included booking refundable first class ticket to. They will thank you for it, but also when they get arrested and taken to jail, it will reduce the number of homeless people in your area. Well here is some fuel for that little devil in the form of some very unethical life hacks designed to get you what you want.

They should be regarded as informational and for entertainment purposes rather than as actual suggestions. Only you and them will be able to see it, but they will think everyone can see it. Some of these are hilarious and others are just plain evil.

6 unethical life hacks that are ridiculously effective at making society your personal playground. A way to deal with someone who has pissed you off is to tag your target in a facebook post, but choose only me in the privacy settings. If you can’t get your roommate to clean up, create a fake tinder profile, match with them and tell them you’re coming over.

How to slap your boss in the head; At a corner store, fill a slushie cup with candy bars. I did this with my last phone.

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You get a full can versus just a small plastic cup. 20 unethical (but brilliant) life hacks from reddit; Get cheaper services just by asking for them

Use a memory foam pillow as a fart bomb; Culture september 09, 2016 by dave reuss.

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